Hands-on with RAKStars Episode 14 with Dimitris Mamalis & Ioannis Charalampidis

In this session, Dimitris and Ioannis, two passionate engineers who believe that the Internet of Things should be accessible to everyone, share their vision about the #IoT ecosystem. Also, presented Kudzu, a LoRaWAN performance analytics platform next to a multi-radio IoT Platform meant to bring IoT prototypes to market at no time. Plus, one of their latest developments, a low-power multi-radio LoRaWAN Gateway using the RAK2287 and a LoRa end device using RAK's modules.

Hands-on with #RAKStars​ is where you will find all passionate IoT developers in the community. In each episode, our RAKStars talk about their cool projects, hacks, and many other awesome experiences.

Session guests:

Dimitris Mamalis
Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitrismamalis/

Ioannis Charalampidis
Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/icharalampidis/

Kudzu Website: https://kudzu.gr/

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