Work Hard and Have Fun with the Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Through the years, millions from all over the world have relied on Amazon to buy and sell products. With an inventory of apparel, sports equipment, books, tools, electronic devices, and so much more, Amazon has everything for everyone. It has revolutionized the operations of shopping and logistics, freely letting people make items accessible and quickly delivered to their homes.

By establishing e-commerce, the company indeed has proven to live its motto: “Work Hard. Have Fun.” Amazon works hard to deliver quality services in e-commerce so that its customers can have fun while shopping. However, it is not only with e-commerce that Amazon connects everything to everyone. Amazon connected all things through a venture on the Internet of Things (IoT) as well. It launched Amazon Web Services (AWS), a managed cloud service that thousands of developers use.

Since its launch, AWS has been commended for its built-in offerings. Listed below is information on those features that may be useful to you when you use AWS.

High-security standards

Among the lauded features it has, the multi-layered security it offers is the most distinguished. Amazon sees the need for data protection especially in this age of free information sharing. AWS’s security includes integration with IAM – its authentication engine, encryption, and customized access control to device data. The cloud also permits users to monitor and audit their assets 24/7.

Ease of access

Not to mention, AWS is incredibly simple to use as it works with common IoT protocols – HTTPS and MQTT. Gateways of RAKwireless can be set-up with AWS using Semtech Packet Forwarders and the MQTT bridge, depending on your preference. Furthermore, you can select your OS, programming language, web application platform, and database of choice. The functions in AWS are so easy that operations can run fast. For instance, you can create models in AWS that you can deploy to devices where these run 2x faster compared to other offerings.

Worldwide operations

As of date, AWS operates 44 availability zones within 16 geographic regions around the world. Amazon is still planning to add 14 more availability zones to its list so, wherever you are in the world, AWS can serve you especially with its automated multi-region backups. The decentralized characteristic that AWS has makes data backup in multiple geographic locations possible. Amazon assures you that you don’t need to worry about losing your data whenever electrical shortages happen in your network’s area.

A large and varied network of IoT brands

To expand its compatibility with various IoT devices, AWS also partnered with multiple IoT solutions providers like RAKwireless. The more the devices can be made compatible with AWS, the more options users have with their connection. Most LoRa gateways of RAKwireless are now being used in projects involving AWS with the ongoing collaboration. If you plan to use LoRa gateways with AWS, you may opt to look at this tutorial 👉 Connect RAKwireless Commercial Gateways to the AWS Cloud

Amazon has not only changed the way we shop, but it also changed the way we fundamentally connect to things. By allowing merchants and buyers to meet online, connections on the internet have never been more open to great possibilities. And one of those possibilities is to enable things to connect in IoT. Amazon did not hesitate to take this open door and created its cloud service, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, thousands of developers and engineers enjoy using AWS in their groundbreaking projects due to its simplicity, strong network, large coverage, and top-level security. With the direction that it is heading, AWS being a standard cloud service will not come as a surprise in the future.