The wait is over! The new WisGate Developer D4H is here.

RAK7248 WisGate Developer D4H is now in stock!

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For all of you who are just hearing about it and wonder what the fuss is all about – keep reading.

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What is it?

A LoRaWAN® Gateway consisting of Raspberry Pi 4, RAK2287 Concentrator, and RAK2287 Pi HAT, the WisGate Developer D4H includes a GPS module (built-in to the RAK2287) and a heat sink for better performance, all housed in a durable and compact casing.

The build-in RAK2287 uses the SX1302 chip from Semtech, a powerful digital signal processing engine. It is capable of detecting an uninterrupted combination of packets at 8 different spreading factors and 10 channels with continuous demodulation of up to 16 packets in multiple variants, a unique capability allowing the implementation of innovative network architectures advantageous over other short-range systems. It can be used for international standard bands that include RU864, IN865, EU868, US915, AU915, KR920, and AS923.

Why are we doing it?

Developers always search for new and better toys to play with. And we are giving them just that. Making better products, giving ground for better solutions. The whole reason we have the WisGate Developer series of gateways in our portfolio is that we don’t want just to sell hardware, we want to be a part of the developing process as well. So we’ve combined the two and with the D4 series, we strive to give as many options as possible for the brilliant minds out there that will use them for their projects simultaneously pushing the development of the technology forward.

What is the difference between D4H and the other D4s?

  • Notice the bottom plate is the same as the top? Cool! Literally. As we made the tests for this gateway we’ve noticed how much better the performance is when we have two cooling plates instead of one. So, we implemented it in the design, and not only for the WisGate Developer D4H but for all gateways from the D4 series.
  • Another difference is the built-in Heat Sink for better thermal heat dissipation management.
  • The new concentrator! The WisGate Developer D4H leaves the RAK2245 behind and implements the RAK2287 WisLink LPWAN Concentrator. With a typical power consumption (active mode) of just 81.6 mA, it makes the gateway itself extremely low-power.
  • The concentrator’s built-in Ublox ZOE-M8Q GPS Module is another improvement. With its 72 channel engine, it is capable of locating more satellites at once which gives it a faster and more precise location and timestamp. It also has a faster cold-start (after a blackout or other power cut situation) that leads to faster and precise timing, critical for using Class B.
  • The RAK2287 Pi HAT integrates a 40-pin female Pi HAT Connector and a mPCIe connector to connect the Concentrator to the newest Raspberry Pi 4.
  • RAK2287 uses the SX1302 chip from Semtech. SX1302 is designed to reduce current consumption to simplify the thermal design of the gateways while being capable of handling a higher amount of traffic (125 kHz LoRa reception with 8 x 8 channels LoRa packet detectors, 8 x SF5-SF12 LoRa demodulators, and 8 x SF5-SF10 LoRa demodulators) the new part being the support of SF5 and SF6 high-speed packets that have been made possible by the eight extra modems, while the eight others are handling SF7-SF12 traffic.
  • It is cheaper!

The WisGate Developer D4H gateway is hands down the ideal tool for your prototyping needs, proof-of-concept demonstration, or evaluation. It includes a ready to use LoRaWAN Gateway OS that can be connected to a LoRaWAN server, simple even for no-so-tech users. Set up your LoRaWAN system or other IoT application easily and give life to your project.

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