The Big Tech Bloom: RAK’s Spring Launch is here!

As flowers begin to blossom this year, so is the tech at the RAK headquarters! RAKstars, are you ready for The Big Tech Bloom?

RAK’s Spring Launch is focused on providing you, our customers, with the best user experience using the newest product lines we have to offer to help you create your newest IoT projects this season. RAK’s theme, The Big Tech Bloom, highlights the ever-widening landscape for IoT solutions, which in turn, forges a path towards more accessible and visible technology for the general public to use. We see this development as a blossoming of the future, welcoming a new age of solutions to the world’s current concerns.

RAK foresees that IoT will create more long-lasting change in the next year or so and this Spring Launch is the bridge towards that goal. The Big Tech Bloom will be introducing a new way for RAK solutions that will help make innovating and creating IoT solutions easier for everyone. The launch will also feature prizes and events that will surely encourage more IoT enthusiasts to develop their projects with RAK solutions and hardware.

We are excited to unveil all the exciting products, prizes, and promos for The RAK Spring Launch! We hope you join us throughout the next few weeks for the launch to come into bloom.

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Happy Spring Season, RAKstars!