Semtech Uses New-Generation SX1302 as IC for its Newest Indoor Reference Design

CAMARILLO, California, October 02, 2019 - Leading producer of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), launched the general availability of a new LoRa® Corecell reference design for indoor gateway applications. The design, which functions in the LoRaWan protocol and uses SX1302 as one of its integrated circuits (ICs), is geared to better automate homes and structural creations.

In the launch, Pedro Pachuca, Director of IoT for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, took pride in the design’s key features: reduced power consumption (up to one tenth the power of legacy products), smaller form factor design and greater integration in managing higher data rates. Commercial and real estate managers are expected to better address their day-to-day challenges with this newest LoRa offering. The design’s revolutionary performance owes it to Semtech’s SX1250 and SX1302. Both new-generation ICs work to provide the “minimum optimized solution” in building a gateway application, as seen in its name, “core” and “cell.”

Semtech’s recently developed SX1250, a low power multi-band Sub-GHz RF Front End, works along with Semtech’s SX1302 baseband engine in designing a high-performing LoRa® or LoRaWAN gateway. Covering frequencies below 1 GHz, SX1250 performs well in supporting any license-free band used in today’s IOT applications. The new-generation LoRa® chip for gateways, SX1302, excels in reducing electric consumption, simplifying gateways’ thermal design, decreasing utility costs, and handling higher loads of traffic than what old-generation devices can.

Old-generation devices, specifically SX1301, are what most high-quality concentrator modules such as RAK2245 Pi HAT and RAK2247 use. They enable modules to deploy LoRaWAN solutions with low cost and stable performance. SX1301, similar to SX1302, are targeted at smart metering networks, IoT applications, and agriculture monitoring. Although a success in the IoT community, the SX1301 faced a few issues in running very high traffic load with long payload, and receiving packets from unknown devices.

With Semtech’s new release of design and continuous innovation of gateway chips like SX1302, old-generation products of IoT solution suppliers like RAKWireless are capable of reaching greater optimization in connectivity. As Pachuca pronounced it, their new design is their commitment to “enable a faster time-to-market for IoT solution providers and systems integrators.”