RAKwireless Launches RAK4630 Module for Amazon Sidewalk

MIAMI, US, December 4, 2023—RAKwireless, a leading provider of private network solutions, has announced the launch of the RAK4630 module for Amazon Sidewalk, a state-of-the-art module that has received Amazon Sidewalk qualification.

The RAK4630 module is powered by the Nordic nRF52840 MCU with BLE 5.0 and integrated with the cutting-edge SX1262 LoRa® transceiver from Semtech, optimized for low-bandwidth, long-range connectivity. This makes it ideal for applications like sensor networks, smart home devices, and other devices that benefit from extended coverage both at home and beyond.

RAK4630 module for Amazon Sidewalk is designed to seamlessly integrate with RAKwireless’ renowned WisBlock ecosystem. Boasting over 130 interconnecting hardware modules, the WisBlock system is a “Modular IoT Platform” that enables IoT developers and solution architects to craft industrial-grade, deployment-ready IoT nodes without the complexities of hardware design. With the RAK4630 module for Amazon Sidewalk, RAKwireless is offering a unique solution that facilitates the transition from a mere idea to a tangible, operational device.

Manufacturers can effortlessly integrate the RAK4630 module into their devices, ensuring compatibility with the Amazon Sidewalk network. 

“RAKwireless is committed to supporting device manufacturers by providing a comprehensive suite of services, including antenna design and manufacturing,” says Ken Yu, Founder and CEO of RAKwireless. “Our vision is to provide a holistic solution for manufacturers. We don't just stop at module design. Our goal is to ensure cost-effective devices with a swift time-to-market for our partners.”

RAKwireless also introduced the Starter Kit for Amazon Sidewalk, complemented by the RAK4630 Evaluation Kit, designed to offer developers a swift and seamless initiation into the Amazon Sidewalk ecosystem. The Starter Kit for Amazon Sidewalk embodies RAKwireless’ commitment to not just provide tools, but also to ensure that developers have the best resources to bring their innovative ideas to life.

For more information about the RAK4630 module for Amazon Sidewalk and the Starter Kit for Amazon Sidewalk, visit RAKwireless.

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Amazon Sidewalk is an encrypted, free-to-connect community network designed to provide reliable connectivity for billions of devices. Sidewalk now provides coverage to approximately 90% of the US population and supports long-range connected solutions for communities and enterprises. With AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, customers can now easily provision, onboard, and monitor their Amazon Sidewalk devices.