RAKwireless Bulletin: WisGateOS2 Update, Global IoT Solution Launch, and More!

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Introducing WisGateOS2 2.2.0: A New Era in Gateway Management for LoRaWAN®

Our major update to the flagship firmware, WisGateOS2 2.2.0, is here, setting new benchmarks in the world of gateways for LoRaWAN. From enhanced security with OpenWRT to ChirpStack V4 Integration, the update empowers users with greater flexibility, reliability, and ease of use.

RAKwireless and Blues have partnered to launch Blues.ONE

RAKwireless and Blues have partnered to launch Blues.ONE, a comprehensive IoT solution that streamlines the development and deployment of IoT devices. This innovative hardware platform combines global internet connectivity, flexible sensor selection, and seamless cloud integration, making it a powerful tool for IoT device makers, app developers, and DIY gadget enthusiasts.


Join Marc, one of our initial testers for WisDM, as he demos the key features of RAKwireless' #WisDM cloud management platform. From remote access to performance statistics, Marc shares his firsthand insights.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday RAKwireless

Mark your calendars for Black Friday/Cyber Monday from November 24–28, 2023. We're offering a 10% storewide discount on our advanced IoT solutions. Discover exclusive deals upon check out on November 24.

IoT Tech Expo Global 2023

Join us at the IoT Tech Expo Global in Olympia London, UK, this 30th November - 1st December. Our product experts, Xose Pérez and Gavin Brown, will be at Booth #251 to showcase our advanced networking solutions. Learn from industry experts about cutting-edge technologies and key topics like Data Analytics and IIoT. Connect with tech leaders, innovators, and IT Directors. General registration is free! For premium passes, use our VIP code VIPEU25 for a 25% discount.

LoRaWAN Tokyo Live event

On our recent trip to Japan for the LoRaWAN Tokyo Live event, we explored cities like Kyoto and Osaka. What stood out? The integration of IoT in everyday life. We witnessed smart buildings harnessing solar energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and showcasing the potential of IoT in real-world applications. These glimpses into real projects serve as inspiration for IoT developers, emphasizing the tangible impact of their work.

Solution Spotlight
Battery Backup UPS

Power outages can be unpredictable and potentially damaging, especially when your gateway is in the middle of crucial operations. How do you ensure your gateway remains operational during sudden power interruptions? How do you elevate your gateway installation to an enterprise-grade level?

Our answer: The new Battery Backup UPS. Designed for both DC and PoE power inputs, it offers:

  • Seamless transition to backup power during outages.
  • Compatibility with a range of gateway models.
  • Extended operational time, ensuring data integrity and continuous transmission.
IoT Development Kit, exclusively powered by WisBlock

Introducing the IoT Development Kit, exclusively powered by WisBlock. This toolkit is a solution-oriented experience tailored for developers. With its modular design, the kit encompasses a diverse range of sensors, connectivity modules, power options, and enclosures. This allows developers to not only customize their projects but also adapt them to specific real-world needs and innovative ideas.

Why choose the IoT Development Kit?

  • Solution-Oriented: Don't just experiment or prototype. Dive into real-life challenges and find solutions with kits tailored for specific applications.
  • Modular Flexibility: With WisBlock at its core, enjoy the freedom to mix and match components, ensuring your project is as unique as your idea.
  • Quick Start: Whether you're looking to monitor environmental changes, track assets, or enhance home security, these kits are designed to get you started immediately, focusing on real-life applications.

Kits include:

  • Environmental Sensor Kit
  • Agriculture Sensors Kit
  • Movement Detection Sensors Kit

For a limited time, purchase any kit and receive the WisBlock E-Book for free! This guide will help you kickstart your journey with WisBlock, ensuring you make the most of your chosen kit.

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