RAKwireless Bulletin: Sidewalk Insights, 5G Updates, New Products, and Upcoming Events

We're back with another edition of our RAKwireless Bulletin, a bi-weekly newsletter where we share exciting updates, product launches, event recaps, and more. Let's dive in!

Insights: Sidewalk, the Next Big Public LoRa® Network
As we gear up for some big product announcements, we've launched a blog to introduce you to Sidewalk, another major public LoRa® network that's worth your attention. Consider this a sneak peek into what's coming soon.

Product Update: All-in-One.5G
We're excited to announce that our All-in-One. 5G now supports Open5GS, and RAKwireless is proud to sponsor this open-source 5G project. Discover why we believe open source is the key to driving innovation in private 5G network development.

New Product Launch: Battery Backup UPS
Ensure your gateway installation is protected from sudden power outages with our new Battery Backup UPS line. Designed for DC power input or PoE power input, these devices are your reliable backup, ready to kick in when needed. Get Connected:

Reduced Price for Cellular IoT Board RAK5010
The RAK5010 has been updated with a core module switch from BG96 to BG95-M3, as recommended by Quectel. This change makes the module $10 cheaper than before.

Tips and Tricks on Unused Pins of RAK3172 LoRa® Module
Optimize the unused pins of RAK3172 and achieve the lowest possible current during sleep with the tricks and tips presented on STM32 Application Note.

RAKstar Success Story: First Snow and WisBlock
First Snow Co., Ltd, a Smart City solution provider in Korea, is using WisBlock to build over 30 kinds of IoT nodes for various solutions. Dive into their innovative 'Smart Safety Management Service' and see how they're making cities safer.

WisBlock Dashboard live demo with Qubitro
We recently held a webinar with Qubitro to discuss our collaborative efforts in bringing innovative IoT products to market. We also have live demo on creating online dashboard for WisBlock multiple sensors presented by our WisBlock expert, Carl Rowan.

Upcoming Events: The Things Conference

To learn about our product plans, view demos, and ask questions, schedule a meeting with the RAK team.
Stay tuned for more updates and remember to share your RAKwireless experiences with us.