RAK joins The Things Conference - the world’s largest LoRaWAN® event

The Things Conference is the best opportunity of the year to get the latest and greatest insights about the LoRa ecosystem, alongside industry experts.

IoT developers have come along way since the market inception of LoRaWAN in 2015. With more than five years in, it’s time to ride a wave of change to start building IoT at scale.

RAKwireless is pleased to announce its participation once again during The Things Conference, the largest LoRaWAN event of the year. Alongside industry experts, we will be all together sharing expertise to speed up your development process for any IoT business.

This year the conference will be hosted online from January 25 to 25, 2021, allowing more than 15,000 IoT professional from all over the world to dive into LoRaWAN technology and share their anecdotes no one wants to hear, focusing on IoT war stories which give us a headache and restless nights of sleep. If you join the conference, you will be confronted with security threats, power-hungry LoRaWAN settings, product lock-ins, miscalculated costs, hardware, optimistic lead-time estimations, and POCs of death.

During the event, our team of experts with the support of some of our valued partners will showcase how to deploy an entire application from the hardware layer to the application layer just with a few clicks.

Deploying your first LoRa gateway? Looking for the best way to scale the deployment and management for a fleet of gateways? Jose Marcelino, Solution Architect @ RAK, and Marc Pous, Developer Advocate @ Balena, will demonstrate how to build and administrate a fleet of LoRaWAN Basic Stations Gateway running on a balenaFin and a RAK2245 concentrator directly on the cloud.

Looking to build a reliable PoC and fully customized IoT application for an end-user? Once again, Jose Marcelino and Maria Hernandez, Developer Relations Lead @ RAK, will be sharing tips-n-tricks about all you need to go all over the different layers required in the development of an IoT solution for any industry.  All of this using WisBlock, our latest modular hardware development platform, and Ubidots as an IoT Platform.

Still wondering whether to participate in the conference? Consider all the benefits and great opportunities you will get from it:

●   Connect with over thousand of IoT professionals

●   Explore leading IoT products and services by participating in exciting workshops and keynotes

●   Get real advice and best practices from IoT experts in the ecosystem

Find more about the conference, and get your ticket today with a 20% discount using our code: TTC2021-FRIEND-OF-RAK

About RAKwireless: RAKwireless is a Chinese multinational technology company established in June 2014. Headquartered in Shenzhen, RAK manufactures and offers Internet of Things (IoT) products, ranging from telecommunications equipment to Platform as a Service (PaaS) for small and medium-sized system integrators, developers, and IoT solutions providers.