RAK joins The Things Conference, together with 15,000 IoT professionals

From January 25 to 29, 2021, RAK is joining industry leaders in sharing the latest in LoRa® hardware. The Things Conference, the world’s largest LoRaWAN event, will be gathering 15,000 IoT professionals from over 110 countries to connect and explore leading IoT products and services.

As a testament to its motto, “IoT made easy,” RAK is hosting two workshops during the conference aiming to boost participants’ LoRaWAN skillset using products by RAKwireless. Here are a few details on what you can expect to learn from the two sessions:

Basics Station & How to Manage your Fleet of Gateways

TTN LoRaWAN Gateways are gaining popularity and are getting easier to build but the challenge lies in monitoring and manual upgrades of the software. This session will delve deep into building your own TTN LoRaWAN Basics Station gateway running on a balenaFin and a RAK2245 concentrator. Learn how to update software easily and manage monitoring in a breeze!

IoT Made Easy with WisBlock: LoRa end-nodes for any industry

IoT devices typically take a significant amount of time to build, and even then, it may not result in a successful deployment. This session explores the different layers required in the deployment of an IoT solution with the use of WisBlock and Ubidots as IoT Platform. After this session, participants are expected to be capable of developing their own end IoT solutions for any industry.

RAKwireless is proud to be a partner for The Things Conference. Experience the quality and ease of using RAK products and solutions by joining our workshops!

Also check out the other workshops from our partners:

Monitor your LoRaWAN Network with Open-Source Tools

Building A LoRaWAN & Cellular IoT Gateway With the blues wireless Notecard

All these and more are in store when you participate in The Things Conference! Experience hundreds of LoRaWAN devices virtually, get thousands of connections at your fingertips, and participate in technical deep-dives, live coding sessions, and workshops to gain the skills to mitigate risks and to build IoT that scales.

See you at The Things Conference! | January 25 to 29, 2021

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