RAKwireless and Chirp Partnership: Powering the World's First 2.4G LoRa Public IoT Network

We are excited to announce the groundbreaking partnership between RAKwireless and Chirp, revolutionizing the IoT landscape. This collaboration introduces the world's first 2.4G LoRa public network, backed by Chirp's innovative IoT connectivity approach. RAKwireless will manufacture cutting-edge gateway combining 2.4GHz LoRa, Sub-G LoRa, and LTE technologies, propelling Chirp's vision of an all-in-one network infrastructure.

The partnership aims to deliver powerful gateway that integrates multiple wireless technologies into a single device. By combining 2.4GHz LoRa, Sub-G LoRa, and LTE connectivity, these gateway provide a comprehensive solution for seamless and robust IoT connectivity. With RAKwireless' manufacturing expertise, Chirp's vision of a game-changing public IoT network becomes a reality.

The selection of 2.4G LoRa for the public IoT network is crucial for tracking applications. The global availability and lack of limitations in the 2.4 GHz frequency band make it an ideal choice worldwide. Its long-range capabilities and penetration characteristics enable reliable tracking in any environment. The use of Semtech's SX1303 chipset allows geolocation without GPS, simplifying IoT device inventory and enhancing tracking experiences.

Ken Yu, CEO of RAKwireless, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "RAKwireless is thrilled to witness IoT innovation and is committed to reducing barriers for innovators. We look forward to driving adoption and empowering users with groundbreaking IoT solutions."

Timothy Kravchunovsky, CEO of Chirp, shares his perspective, stating, "With RAKwireless' hardware expertise, we can easily build multi-connectivity gateway, fulfilling our vision of creating the world's most robust, seamless, and user-friendly network."

The partnership between RAKwireless and Chirp represents a significant milestone in the IoT industry. By leveraging the power of 2.4G LoRa and Semtech's SX1303 chipset, the world's first 2.4G LoRa public IoT network redefines tracking applications and simplifies device inventory with geolocation capabilities. Together, we drive the IoT revolution and propel innovation towards a connected future.