Joining the Open Source Journey with RAKwireless

At RAKwireless, we are more than just a company - we are a community.

We are firm believers in the power of collective innovation and are dedicated to cultivating an environment where ideas can flourish and solutions can be co-created.

Our decision to open-source the RAK Sticker Tracker (RAK2270) is a testament to this commitment.

A bit about the RAK Sticker Tracker: This sleek, label-like tracker for LoRaWAN® is designed for easy attachment to any product. It also provides real-time location tracking through the advanced features of the Helium network server.

Why We Chose Open Source for RAK2270 LoRaWAN® Sticker

Open-sourcing the RAK2270 isn't just about transparency; it's about creating a space for innovation. Here are just a few reasons why we chose to go the open-source route:

  • Unleashing Creative Applications: The RAK2270 isn't just a tracker; it's a canvas for innovation. By open-sourcing, we're inviting developers to imagine and implement novel applications for sticker-based tracking that we haven't even thought of yet.
  • Transparency for Delicate Use Cases: Given that the RAK2270 can be used in sensitive scenarios like vaccine distribution or high-end product tracking, transparency in how it operates is paramount. Open sourcing ensures that stakeholders can verify its reliability and security for themselves.
  • Harnessing Global Expertise: The LoRaWAN® community is vast and diverse. By open-sourcing the RAK2270, we tap into the expertise of developers from different regions, understanding the unique tracking challenges they face and collaboratively refining the sticker to meet global needs.
  • Rapid Evolution for a Dynamic World: The world of asset tracking is evolving rapidly, with new challenges emerging daily. An open-source RAK2270 means that improvements can be crowdsourced, ensuring that the sticker remains at the cutting edge of both technology and application.

Benefits of Joining Our Journey

By joining our open-source journey, you're not just accessing cutting-edge innovations; you're becoming part of a collaborative and vibrant community. Here's what you can expect:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Innovations: Be the first to know about updates, new features, and improvements to the RAK2270 and other RAKwireless products.
  • Collaborative Environment: Engage with a community of like-minded developers, share ideas, and get feedback on your projects.
  • Exclusive Workshops and Webinars: Learn from experts, participate in hands-on sessions, and enhance your skills.
  • Opportunities for Recognition: Showcase your contributions, get featured on our platform, and gain recognition in the global developer community.

How You Can Contribute

Your contribution is what makes our open-source community thrive. There are several ways you can contribute to the RAK2270 project:

  • Code Contributions: Enhance functionalities, fix bugs, or add new features to the RAK2270 firmware.
  • Documentation: Help in improving guides, tutorials, and API documentation for better user understanding.
  • Community Support: Engage in community forums, answer queries, and assist new members in getting started.
  • Share Use Cases: Have an innovative application or use case for the RAK2270? Share it with the community and inspire others.

Get Started

Ready to be a part of this exciting journey? Here's how you can dive in: