Exploring The Possibilities Of LoRaWAN In Your Business

There are already more devices connected to the internet than people, and this is definitely bound to become much more than it is already. It is important to note that profits generated with the use of IoT in business models is soaring by the day and better returns are being raked in thanks to smart devices and other IoT solutions.

The growth of IoT has lead to a new opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to explore. Making use of IoT in business models now guarantee a better profit return and a wider reach for businesses.

With huge amounts of data being generated everyday via IoT devices, there is a guarantee of a huge business improvement and an enhancement of revenue generation potentials by businesses that make use of IoT.

But while it is important to consider IoT models for making your business easier, it is also important to go with the appropriate connectivity or wide area network, a network that is cost effective and helps to improve profit. This is where LoRaWAN comes in.

Why Is LoRaWAN Perfect For Your Business?

Low Cost

LoRaWAN offers a low cost solution to IoT connectivity problems in businesses. LoRaWAN is a cost effective approach to IoT connectivity as it is cheaper to manage, improves the battery life of IoT devices thanks to low data usage and also offers a wide range of network.


LoRaWAN is available in many places around the world, with an open protocol network, you are sure that you can with a well supported and standard wide area network that will not get you keyed into expensive costs.


LoRaWAN is well trusted and tested, and hence can provide a reliable means of managing your business assets within your location or even around the world.

Ways to Use LoRaWAN in Your Business

LoRaWAN can be applied to your business in a variety of ways, ranging from improved security to proper management of assets in order to prevent or reduce losses of business assets and maximise profits. LoRaWAN aids improved management of business assets by connecting these assets in ways like never before.

With IoT device sensors linked to a LoRaWAN gateway, business owners can monitor their business in a more efficient and reliable way, reducing the risk of damage or loss.
For example, a real estate mogul with a number of apartments in a specified area, can properly manage her assets by putting sensors that can inform and control parameters in the buildings such as smart lightning, gas levels and water levels. This will help to prevent any form of hazard that may incur colossal losses for the business.

Some of the ways LoRaWAN can be beneficial and applied to your business includes;

Smart Security

LoRa utilizes command and control technology to manage CCTV devices and this can help to alert security officials/systems in a response to danger or other high risk events.

With this, one can easily manage the situation of things in their business without any worries.

Devices, like the RAK7205 LoRa tracker node, are equipped with GPS tracker sensors to help to monitor your vehicles used in the transport of business assets. In addition, like every LoRa based device, it supports low power usage and hence, users can be guaranteed of longer battery life.

Environmental Monitoring

The RAK7205 LoRa Tracker is also perfect to help monitor areas around your business quarters. Perhaps you would like to keep track of the things going on around your warehouse or business environment, LoRaWAN provides the adequate answer to this.

The environmental sensor that comes with RAK7205 makes it perfect for controlling and enhancing a smart business environment. This brings a modern outlook to your business and at the same time ensure adequate management of assets.

Embedding a number of sensors in industries also help to measure the conditions of the environment around and within that industry, which can go a long way in ensuring that workers stay safe and business owners are free of lawsuits and casualties that lead to unnecessary costs.

These LoRa based devices help to collect real time data on the status of the environment from various sensors, be it on a farm, a large industry or even a mini business outfit, owners can perfectly evaluate the condition of their business environment.

Connecting Assets

Smarter industries are the future of a booming business, with more and more objects connected to the internet now, productivity and profits are further boosted for business owners.

With LoRaWAN gateways and sensors, it is easy for both small and large business owners to effectively manage their business assets and track the whereabouts and movements of these assets.

LoRaWAN based connectivity will make it easier to evaluate the productivity of machines and their efficiency in carrying out industrial functions. Further enhanced by low power networking and low data usage, LoRaWAN provides the ideal opportunity to increase profits and productivity in your business.

The RAK811 chipset is a great LoRaWAN device that can be perfectly utilized in businesses, it fully takes advantage of all the low cost and low power usage benefits of LoRaWAN based technologies and can connect to a variety of sensors attached to your business assets

This ensures that management is effective, cost is reduced and productivity is enhanced.

Let's Go Smart Business!

Ranging from adequate asset trackings, smart security, sensors evaluating productivity and efficiency of machines and other business assets to proper monitoring of business environments, LoRaWAN brings a completely innovative approach to managing and enhancing one's business.

If you are well convinced and looking to explore the possibilities of LoRaWAN in your business, then utilising some of these LoRaWAN based devices by RAKwireless is the ideal way to boost your business and get ahead.
RAK7205 LoRa Tracker node
RAK811 chipset
RAK7243c pilot gateway
RAK7249 outdoor DIY gateway
RAK7258 micro gateway

Final Note

Cost effective, long range connectivity, easy to use and reliable! LoRaWAN based devices are a smart solution for smart businesses and the opportunities are endless in application for those that are willing to explore.