Growing The Helium Network Together The RAK Way

Helium has seen a steady increase in users in the past year — due in part to its gamified setup that rewards users. Provide coverage to The People’s Network in your area, and you get $HNT. It’s clear, simple, and worthwhile. Because of this Helium mining boom, IoT users from the US and Europe can deploy LoRaWAN solutions using an affordable and secure network.

RAK saw the potential of Helium and invested in it early on. RAK Hotspot Miners were (and still are) a popular product for crypto lovers. We helped get the Helium community to the hundreds of thousands, and we don’t want to stop there. We want to grow the Helium Network alongside other companies so that more IoT community members can experience the beauty of Helium.

Building with and for the Helium Community

Growing together means celebrating the successes of groups working on Helium. If we want to achieve the dream of having a far-reaching and universal LoRaWAN connection, the win of one company is a win for us all. Whether you use SenseCAP, Bobcat, or RAK to mine, as long as you mine and provide coverage, we see that as building the Helium community together.

While competition is a normal reality in the big tech games, for us to see a future with IoT-filled innovations, companies workingwith each other is the real goal. The development of Helium gives room for IoT companies and groups to collaborate.

A Leader in Security and Protection

Miners often share how their setup looks like on social media. We see a lot of people placing their miners on their roofs or outside to give better coverage. It’s great, but it might be detrimental to the hotspot miner’s optimal functioning. Heat, dust, snow, and other outdoor elements can significantly compromise the device. The way around this is to put your miner in an enclosure and install a sun shield.

That’s why we decided to make enclosures like the RAK Ourdoor Enclosure,the Bobcat Outdoor Enclosure, the SenseCAP M1 Outdoor Enclosure Kit, plus the RAK Solar Shield. Fewer chances of overheating. Less debris. Just quality coverage provision and mining. To sustain the development of Helium, we need to ensure the security and protection of all miners, which is precisely what motivated us to create these products.

Let’s Go and Grow!

Helium holds so much promise for crypto enthusiasts and the entire IoT community. As a leading solutions provider, our job is to help you deploy solutions in a secure and extensive network. We hope that with many fellow industry leaders investing in Helium’s growth, it won’t be long until we welcome users by the millions. Let’s grow Helium together.