Empowering The Innovators - RAK’s Goal for This Season

As the market grows, we grow with it. RAKwireless started as a hardware company, but slowly and steadily upped its game and became something much more – an IoT solutions provider. We are no longer producing just hardware for the IoT industry, we are offering solutions to fit every step of the production process. From Proof-of-Concept to Mass Production and everything in between, we have the tools you need to make your project a reality. We are empowering the innovators by providing end-to-end solutions.

The vision we have here at RAK is to build a comprehensive product ecosystem. Not only to produce hardware but to help innovators transform their ideas from just a sketch to a completed commercial-grade product, in a fast and solid way. To reach this goal, we had to research what kinds of products and services would facilitate one’s ideas.

We started with:

  • The network infrastructure - This is why we offer gateways suitable for various settings indoor and outdoor - WisGate.
  • The end-user sensors and nodes – To fit any project, we offer ready-to-use end-devices – WisNode, modular solutions – WisBlock, and everything in between – WisLink, WisDuo, WisTrio.

We knew that hardware on its own is not enough to make a great product. This is why we developed the software to complement our devices. Thus, we managed to make the learning curve less steep so you can work with our devices easily and efficiently:

  • The top-notch firmware to run on our gateways – WisGateOS
  • The fleet management platform to untie your hands, giving management and monitoring options a user-friendly face – WisDM.
  • The tools to configure any end device with ease – RUI and WisToolBox.

All of this with the simple belief that the effort-to-result ratio should drop as fast as possible!

The system components we create, no matter hardware or software, are created in response to a real problem and always with how to best fit the particular customer in mind.

As the company’s growth over time can be observed, so can every product’s production cycle. From the initial idea, throughout development and testing to the final release, every RAK product has its own story.
We shared the story behind each product we launched at this year’s Spring event.

  • RUI3 – our star product this year. RAK Unified Interface is a software tool with the simple message “Learn once, code once”. It is created to accelerate the time to market for any solution one might create via our innovative WisBlock platform. Eliminate the entry barriers. Learn from the best, use already provided sample code, utilize your favorite IDE: Arduino or VS Code. Fasten your development cycle by creating one code to deploy over multiple platforms: nRF, ESP32, STM32.
  • WisDuo – Three new products combining a computing core and LPWAN radio, ready for integration into existing products or developing new devices.
  • WisBlock – Twelve new modules to expand the possibilities for customized hardware even more. This release includes two Base boards, an RGB LED matrix, three new interfaces, and a selection of exciting sensors covering even more possible applications.
  • WisToolBox – A software tool with a simple interface that allows you to configure IoT devices via mobile or desktop platforms making the configuration process simpler.
  • WisGateOS 2 – The firmware that will take our commercial gateways to the next level. With an entirely new look, accommodation of the latest security updates, and exciting new functionalities to come, this improved operating system inspired new and exciting hardware as well – WisGate Edge V2.
  • WisDM – With every release, we offer more and more features, to best equip you for your quest of making IoT your own. We are introducing new functionalities like Network connection management, MultiWAN monitoring, and Firmware over the air so you can always have control in your hands.
  • RAK Battery Plus - RAK's latest battery system, specifically developed for the WisGate Edge Pro gateways. It allows reliable outdoor deployment of the gateway in remote off-grid scenarios where the power is unreliable or inaccessible, incorporating a solar charging system and status monitoring.

We have done the work, designed the tools, manufactured the products, and have created a system that builds end-to-end IoT solutions based on the following 5 components:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Documentation
  • Support
  • Community

Each one of them we are creating and nurturing with great care and no sparing of effort. Every piece of the puzzle hides its difficulties and challenges but all are required to see the whole picture.

Having all pieces in your hand is how you truly make IoT your own.