4 ways IoT and Commercial LoRa Gateways can be used for COVID vaccine transport

As the COVID-19 pandemic draws to a close with pharmaceutical companies racing to get their vaccines out into the market and in the hands of countries worldwide, the logistics of the transport is one big hurdle that many countries are facing.

The vaccines that are to be available have strict requirements for them to remain safe and effective, and these might cause delays in their shipping unless proper monitoring and handling are observed.

The Internet of Things (IoT) may be a significant support to this endeavor and utilizing networks such as the Long Range Wide Access Network or LoRaWAN, through LoRa Gateway Kits and Commercial LoRa Gateway, may help us get the vaccine across the globe faster and safer.

Here are 4 ways LoRaWAN and IoT can be utilized for COVID-19 Vaccine transport:

  1. Close Monitoring of environmental conditions
  2. With LoRa Gateway Kits, logistics companies can keep a close eye on the external conditions of the vaccine packages even while mobile. Sensors will be attached in the crate or each package and these can give real-time updates on the temperature, humidity, etc. The monitoring could help ensure that the vaccine arrives at its ideal temperature and if anything happens, contingencies may already be planned.
  3. Location tracking
  4. All companies involved in the transport–– the pharmaceutical company, the logistics company, and the end-user company–– will be able to keep track of the whereabouts of the vaccine thanks to the sensors communicating to the commercial LoRa gateways. The tracking can give all companies a heads up to schedule the next transport or the exact date the end-user company will be able to start using the vaccines.
  5. Real-time Communications and Response
  6. The IoT sensors could be set up to not only monitor the conditions of the package but to signal any anomalies that might occur during transport so that the companies can address it as soon as it happens. With the use of LoRa Gateway Kits, the notification and response will be quick and efficient.
  7. Utilize for Hundreds of Packages Simultaneously
  8. Commerical LoRa gateways can handle communicating with thousands of sensors at a time which means that the logistics companies can use the same gateway for hundreds, even thousands, of their transports without a problem.

With the advancements IoT can bring to the table, vaccine transport will be a little less beguiling and a little more secure.